​CORRECT OPTION?​ O O 3. O 4. Ba ck Question 20 of 90 eReset Bookmark I Flag Question Consider the chemical reaction, N2(g) + 3 H2 (g) 2NH3 (g). The rate of this reaction can be expressed in tern of time dervative fo concentration of Nz (g), H2 (g) or NH? (g). identify the correct relationship amongst the rate expressions. Rate Rate Rate Rate Next - d [N2]/dt - 1/3 dt- 1/2d - d [N2]/dt -3 d d[H21J - d = 1/3 dt - -1/2d [NH3]/dt - d [N2]/dt - d[H2J/ d

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The correct answer is (1)For a reaction, Rate of decrease of reactants = Rate of formation of productand, -d[N2]dt=-13d[H2]dt=12d[NH3]dt

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