​CORRECT OPTION? Bookmark I Flag Question 18 of 90 The density of Cu is &94 g cm-3. The quantity of electricity needed to plate an area 10 cm x 10 cm to a thickness of 10-2 cm using CuS04 Solution would be 3. O O 13586 c 27172 c 40758 c 20348 c

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Amount of Cu deposited=mass of Cu depositedMolar mass of Cu                                          =(density×volume) of Cu depositedMolar mass of Cu                                          =(8.94 gcm-3)(10×10×10-2 cm3)(63 gmol-1)                                          =0.142 molSince 2 electrons are required to convert Cu2+ to Cu, the quantity of eletricity needed is (2×96500 Cmol-1)(0.142 mol)=27388 CHence, the correct answer is (2)

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Correct option is b 27172 C    
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