Correct order of acidity

Correct order of acidity Correct order of acidic property is Mgo < IVa202 < P205 < ZnO 2 < Mgo < ZnO < P205 Mgo < P205 < zno < Na202 Na202 < ZnO < Mgo < P205

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Correct Answer is (B)
In case of oxides, the acidic strength increases with increase in oxidation state of central atom.

Oxidation state of Na in Na2O2 is +1.
Oxidation state of Mg in MgO is +2.
Oxidation state of Zn in ZnO is +2.
Oxidation state of P in P2O5 is +5.

Also, metal oxides are basic and non-metal oxides are acidic. So, as we go from left to right across the periodic table, the oxides are becoming more acidic. That is why, inspite that magnesium and zinc having same oxidation states, zinc oxide is more acidic than magnesium oxide.


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