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If there is a perfect mountain valley of the world eg of in
it is certainly the magnificience valley of kashmir (a) _______ ________
It is surrounded by a snow-capped,lofty (b)_______ ________
mountains which make it a land for springs (c) ________ ________
and beautiful lakes.For the past hundred (d)________ ________
of years the beauty of kashmir have held the (e)________ ________
visitors spellbound.srinagar,the chief cities (f)________ _________
of valley or the summer capital of (g)________ _________
Jammu and Kasmir lying on the banks of the (h) ________ _________
river Jhelum

Magnificence- Magnificent
a - the
for- of
cities- city
or- and

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(a) magnificence  magnificent
(b)                           the
(c)   for                        of
(d)   For                      Since
(e)   have                     has
(f)   cities                    city
(g)   or                          and
(h)   lying                    lies
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magnificence  - magnificent 
a - lofty 
make - makes 
hundred - hundreds 
have - had
 cities - city /srinagar capital S - Srinagar 
or - and 
lying - lie ...
hope its correct ... :)
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the second one...
a- the .... there was a small mistake.... :)
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