Correct the following Sentences.

1. Her hairs are curly
2. Our elders gave us many advices
3. I have many work to do.
4. I want a paper.
5. I bring fruits and vegetables from the market.
6. You must continue your study
7. Her spectacle is very nice.
8. He got only pass
9. I want two pairs of white shoes
10. Ram was true to his word
11. Rahul has finished two third of his work
12. One of his sons is a teacher
13. I saw two beautiful fishes in the pond
14. Is your scissors dull
15. Light travel faster than sound

Her hair is curly.

  • 3
1. Is
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15. Brought
  • -2
Diya had sold all get furnitures
  • 1
Get hair is curly
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  • -2
All the sentences answer
  • -2
Our elders gave us many advices.
  • -1
Her hair is curly
  • -1
Our elders gave us many advices

  • -2
Our elder gave us many advice Hzhzmd Zjzbxmd
  • -1
Her hair are curly
  • -1
1.Her hair is curly. 2.I have much work to do /a piece of work to do 3.Our elders gave us much advices 4.Sunita has sold har all furniture 5. She gave me information about this Bank
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