Corruption is the opposite of morals. Research the U.A.E government policy aimed at combating corruption at the level of state departments. Summarize the legislation related to corruption.

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a. It is true that Corruption hampers the progress of a country and is detrimental to the overall national interests.
b. Corruption is the opposite of morals, certainly is a valid statement , as it is contrary to morality, ethical principles and virtues.
c. It is in this regard, UAE had made all significant efforts to combat corruption and make environment more fair , transparent in nature.
d. UAE has many stringent laws, to contain corruption both at the private and public sector.
e. The country is also party to UN Convention against Corruption in 2005 and 2006, 
f. Further, it theres is stricter imposition of corruption laws.
g. UAE federal penal code a, criminalises acceptance of bribes, both active or passive

h. Further, facilitation payments are also considered illegal.
i. The country also has strict laws against fraud, deceit etc.
j. It is due to the strict enforcement of these laws, the country has low level of corruption across all state departments, include land administration, tax administration etc.



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