could anyone please help me to write a dialogue between

  • a tiger behind bars and a man
  • rn
  • a man in a cage and a tiger  .

 Tiger: wat ya lookin at me man

Man: Just wondering how you feel in there
Tiger: So nice of you, thank you. 
Man: How do you feel?
Tiger: Great---freedom to move out once in a while
though the area is not so big, free medical care 
and home to live in, meat without having to run 
around kiling other animals.
Man: Seem like having a great time, huh?
Tiger: Yeah, like to join me?
Man: Lol, no thank you don't want to be your dinner
Tiger: Grins
Tiger: By the way how do you feel in your shackled 
world of greed, materlaism, misery, pain suffering, worries, ?
Man: Nothing comes without a price, look at yourself we 
brought you here for our entertainment, you do nothing just sit around in the cage but cost us a lot, the same money we could have spent on people who do not have the means to have one time meal.
Tiger: You have intelligence but no common sense is that what you are trying to say?
Man: What do you mean?
Tiger: I am self relaint, could have provided for myself and my family 
if I was in the jungle, but you brought me here for your entertainment
without wondering how my cubs would survive without me and if you had not brought me here you could have provided for some of the hungry people amongst you. You are killing my cubs by putting me here and killing your own hungry population by spending money on my care! By not bringing me here you could also have ensured the delicate balance of nature that is making this planet still running.

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 is the asker in cls 9?

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