Could you please tell me where to use little and a little ; few and a few ?

Please answer fast as possible.

Here is an explanation for Adjectives of Quantity:

Few and a few have different meanings.

Few is negative and means not many but more than one, hardly any, etc.

A few conveys a positive sense and means some. It refers to a small number of persons or things.

Sentences describing the same are:

Few people can attend this conference in Thailand;

The party began at 8pm and very few people attended.

A few students of the entire group needed extra guidance;

A few guests stayed on till midnight.

Similarly, little and a little have different meanings.

Little means little, less or lesser, not much, etc.

A little means some, though not much, small in size, not big, not large, tiny , etc.

Sentences describing the same are:

Little milk was left in the bottle;

There is little hope for his recovery;

A little more hard work would have led to his success;

A little attention would have saved the accident.

Hope you are clear about the concept now.

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