Credit side of cash book bank column cast short

Explain it please.

 dat mnz the payment had been made but the amount iz wrongly enterd as less than the actual cost...

eg. suppose 5000 are to be paid bt wrongly written as 2000 in this case credit side is undercast or cast short by 3000

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it means credit side of the cash book bank column was undercast that is added less by mistake

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credit side of cashbook means....cashbook credit side is been less added...

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credit side of cash book bank column cash short is the journal entry
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Bank charges entered in the cash book twice
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It means that payments side is reducing.. means you have not (-) some amt from payment side that you have to give to some person. So nothing is going out (cr what goes out). To correct our a/c we will (-) it and write d amt in cr side
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Credit sides of cash book of bank column was undercast and added less by mistake.
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it means that the amout of payment deducted is less than the actual amount 
in that case we have to add the amount given in minus side of the BRS
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Depreciation chapter practical question
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It means cr side of cash book has been writeen as 10000 bt in actual it should be but dr side of pass book shows give nil effect in brs we should add 3000 in cr balance of pass book

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My dear, If we take balance at above of passbook then we subtracted and If we take balance at above of cashbook then we added
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In cash book all cash payments are recorded by date on the right-hand side i.e. credit side.
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The underlined question is my query

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It means that the balance shown by cash book is more than the balance shown by pass book because cash book payment side is short cast so we will deduct the amount in cash book
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