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Bindu P , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 11/5/12

critical appreciation of our casuarina tree by toru dutt of 6-7 pages

Patel , added an answer, on 30/5/12
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Our Casuarina Tree is remarkable for its imagery,sincerity of experience, vividness and mastery of phrase and rythm.The poet conveys her thoughts in a logical manner. She sings glories of the casuarina tree. In the opening stanza, she brings our attention to the beauty and the majesty of the tree.Then she vividly describes the baboons jumping and playing about. And also the poet adds personal touch while describing the casuarina tree. She describes the memories of her childhood days connected with the tree. The tree provides her a context to remember the period of childhood spent in the company of her brother and sister who are already dead.

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Anita J , added an answer, on 25/8/14
Its too short. Hadn t given indepth analysis. What a disappointment
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Prajwal , added an answer, on 19/6/12

I need a critical appreciation of the poem 'Our Casuarina Tree'  by Toru Dutt provided

that the given answer is exceptionally long (enough to fill atleast 6 pages)

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Maish Kumar Jaisawal , added an answer, on 18/9/13


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