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Lamarckism: Jean Baptist Lamarck was a French scientist who gave a theory of evolution in 19th century. In his theory he stated two facts –

  1. Use and disuse: the body parts or organs that are not being used gradually disappear whereas the parts that are in vigorous use develop more. For example, the neck of giraffe grew taller by vigorous use of it for eating leaves from taller trees.
  2. Inheritance of acquired characters: The characters acquired by an organism during the lifetime can be automatically passed to its children. For example, the long neck of giraffe which is acquired for reaching taller branches is inherited from one generation to another.
  3. There is some internal vital force that increases parts in an organism.
Criticism of Lamarckism: 
  • Weismann criticised the idea of inheritance of acquired traits and he proposed theory of continuity of germplasm. According to him only those traits are inherited in which changes occur in germ cells.
  • The idea of new need and use and disuse of organs was also discarded.
  • There is no background of the idea that there exists a vital force in organism that increases its parts.
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