cross breeding is done within the same species as interspecific hybridization is done within related speices??

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Your question is not clear. You have not mentioned what you want to know from the given statement. However, I am providing answer related to the above statement.

Crossbreeding is the mating of superior male of one breed with the superior male of other breed or variety usually of the same species. For example, Hisardale sheep is a cross breed of Bikaneri eves and and Marino rams.

Interspecific Hybridization is a type of out breeding in which males and females of different, but related species are mated. The main advantage of this type of breeding is that progeny/ offsprings are produced which have the desirable features of both the species i.e the new individual produced is superior to the existing ones. For example − Mule is an interspecific hybrid of donkey and horse. The mule is superior than both donkey and horse.

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