curent flow through x1 x2 x3

curent flow through x1 x2 x3 SL closed but S, is open S. resistances unvi ore connected in O circuit in different i• the effective 'he proper"es obsersed Cor these different Of connecting ed ore below. rite the in e hich the' are connected in ease. a-current. V-potentjol difference. resistance) I. Current I flows through x: , x, and x b. larger than x, , x, and x smaller than x t, X, and X. The potential ditierence across x, , x: and x, is the same x 1 x

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a) We know that when the resistors are placed in parallel combination they have same voltage drop but the current gets divided. Therefore, in case a) x1, x2 and x3 are connected in parallel combination.

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