Cyclic and non-cyclic flow of e is used in plants to (1) meet the ATP demands of Calvin-cycle. (2) avoid producing excess NADPH + H+. (3) balance ATP and NADPH + H4 ratio in chloroplasts. (4) All of the above

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The correct option is (4).

Cyclic and non cyclic flow of electrons in plants during photosynthesis helps to meet the ATP demands of Calvin-cycle,  avoid producing excess NADPH + Hand balance ATP and NADPH + H+ ratio in chloroplasts.

The ATPs produced during light reaction are used in Calvin cycle to reduce CO2 to produce sugars.
When the chloroplasts have less number of ATPs available for Calvin cycle, the plant shifts from noncyclic to cyclic electron flow and accumulates NADPH which are then used to produce ATPs by electron transport chain. This helps to balance ATP and NADPH + H+ ratio in chloroplasts.

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