cycling is a good exercise. mr. mehta prefers cycling.....driving a car.

Hi all,
@ nagpal.pankaj1100, your friend put in good effort in conveying the right answer to you. However, the correct explanation for the same is:
Prefer always comes with “to” when you want to highlight your preference or priority with reference to a lesser important choice.
For instance,
1.  I prefer pineapple juice to guava juice;
2.  They prefer Ajmer to Agra for their excursion trip; etc.
Thus, the correct word in the blank of the sentence you asked for is “to”.
‘Cycling is a good exercise. Mr. Mehta prefers cycling to driving a car.’
@Shobitha, keep up the spirit of helping!
Good Luck to all!

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hi the blank must be filled with that . then it makes a sensible sentence.

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sorry it was a mistake pls fill as than .

im extrmly sorry...

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i wud surely help ma'am but my name is jayitha not shobita.

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