Dailogue writing between 6 friends regarding how will they spend their summer vacation 

This exercise should be done by your own using your creativity and imagination. Write the answer and get back to us for feedback. We will be happy to provide you with feedback. 

However, I am providing you with a sample dialogue writing material that will help you in such exercises:

Q . Write a dialogue between a teacher and the principal discussing the issue of bunking. 


Teacher: Good morning, sir. I wanted to discuss an important issue with you.

Principal: Good morning! You look worried. What is the issue?

Teacher: Sir, my concern is the increasing number of students bunking classes. We need to take strict measures to curb this problem; otherwise, it will bring a bad name for our school. 

Principal: You are right. I too have been thinking over the matter for quite some time. I will call for an urgent meeting today, after school hours, to discuss the matter. 

Teacher: I am sorry, but I will not be able to attend the meeting as I am taking half day leave. However, according to me, special staff should be appointed to keep a check on the students. 

Principal: I appreciate your concern and shall consider your suggestion while planning a strategy to resolve the issue.

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