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  • I am writing this letter to express my anguish at the constant violation of regulations in place to control noise pollution in my society.
  • There is a banquet hall near my society. 
  • The celebrations in the banquet hall result in the generation of loud noise. 
  • The decibel levels produced by the celebrations are way beyond the allowed limits. 
  • My daughter is preparing for her board exams. 
  • Due to the noise produced, she is unable to study. 
  • Elderly members in my society are particularly troubled by the loud noise. 
  • Many of us are not able to sleep in night because the celebrations continue after midnight despite an 11:00 PM time limit for concluding such celebrations. 
  • I  request you to bring our plight to the attention of the administrators so that necessary action is taken  to resolve our grievances. 
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