Dear expert kindly give answer in formal letter way cause it's very important and urgent

Dear student,


Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

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- I am a resident of Golden Sand Apartments in Dwarka in New Delhi.

- Over the years, I have observed that the pollution level in the city has increased and it is time for all of us to make a deliberate effort to stop pollution.

- I want to especially stop noise pollution.

- It is high not only because of vehicles but also because of factories and industrial set-ups functioning in the city.

- We need to make strict rules regarding noise pollution: it disturbs the peace.

- During the examination time, music blaring from loudspeakers, honking of vehicles, and clanking of machines are rather distracting.

- Students need a peaceful environment to concentrate and learn.

- Campaigning done over loudspeakers during election time is so aggressive that practically the whole day, one or the other leader's voice is booming in our ears.

- We need to ensure that the use of loudspeakers for election campaigns is restricted.

- Due consideration needs to be given to areas where there are schools and hospitals.

- Moreover, my neighbors don't seem to understand how rising decibels are affecting the sleep of my family. 

- I am sure that making some regulations and implementing them would help all of us tackle the problem of noise pollution.  

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