dear experts pls explain this stanza with reference and context:A slumber did my spirit seal-I had no human fears.she seemed a thing that could not feel the touch of earthly years.No motion has she now,no force-she neither hears nor sees,Rolled round in earth's diurnal coursewith rocks and stones and trees.

This poem is written by William Wordsworth. The words in the poem are used to create a mystery in the reader's mind. He is talking about his spirit who has stopped aging also implying that she is dead. The woman about whom the poet is talking is frozen in her age. These lines are used to stir the deepest emotions of the reader. When the poet says that 'I have no human fears' he means that he no longer wants to live because his spirit is sealed with the unnamed woman who has gone into eternal slumber. He is left behind but has no desire to live, so he has no fear of mortal danger. He has she has no motion, she can neither hear nor see. She is buried inside the earth and is one with the cycle of nature. Diurnal means having a daily cycle. The poet has written these lines without any emotions, as was seen in the earlier part of the poem. This was a life altering event of his life which has left him bereft of any emotions.

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