Dear expts pls, reply hurrily my exam is on day after 2morrow.


a. left me/my /city/ parents/ her / with/ they/ in /went/ live / when to / the

b. morning/ to / wake/ used/ up/ the/ in / she/ me

c. said/ in a/ prayer/ sings song / monotonous/ morning/ she / her

d. listened/ I / loved /I / voice becoz / her

  • The parents left me with her when they went to live in my city.
  • She used to wake me up in the morning.
  • She sings song in her monotonous morning prayer, said
  • I listened because I loved her.

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b. She used to wake me up in the morning.

c. She sings song , prayer in a monotonous morning said her

d. I listened her voice because I loved

I don't know A. but i tried to to the others :):):):):):)

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