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"The wind blows out weak fires.
He makes strong fires roar and flourish.
His friendship is good.
We praise him every day."

Explain these four lines briefly. 

P.S. there is no option to select literature chapters here so I must
tell that this question is from Ch- 3 "Wind"  from the Beehive book

I hope to get a fast answer :)

Dear Student, 

Through these lines, the poet wants to teach us that the weak are wiped out in the face of adversity. Like the weak fires which are extinguished by the wind, weak persons lose when they face challenges in life.   However, those who are strong face difficulties resiliently and overcome them to succeed in life.  Therefore, it is said that the wind increases the vigour of strong fires. Instead of being weak and succumbing, we must make ourselves strong and face challenges head-on.  If we do so, we will end up liking challenges and realise the role that challenging situations play in improving our personality. Just like strong fires consider wind as their friend, we will also start acknowledging the valuable experience that we gain by facing challenging situations. 


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