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I am confuse that were we have to use Can and May, well i know that for permission we use, but then to i wants to know from you with example and if another words is there for permission like shall  then plzzzzzzzz explain me.


{can usually expresses ability or capacity; as}

1- i can walk across fire

2- he can do the work

{may is used to express possibility in affirmative sentencescan is used in the corresponding interrogative and negative sentences...}

1- it may be a holiday tomorrow.

2- he may be at the theatre.

....... CAN AND MAY ARE USED TO EXPRESS PERMISSION... may is rather formal..

1- you can/may go now.

2- can/may i have your pen.

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can, can be used where u r definit that u can do a thing and may for u r not so definit/ or r confused and can't tell or give a appropriate answer.

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@Shivam, Iqra has very well explained the concept. Hope that helped you. For further help, you can always drop in your query.

@Iqra, bravo! Keep up the spirit of helping! You get a thumbs up from Meritnation expert on your effort!


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