Dear Meritnation expert I have written an essay on Swatchh Bharat Mission please correct and tell me where have I gone wrong 
​Mahatma Gandhi was a great champion of cleanliness. He was very much concerned about the dirty roads, streets, temples and specially, harijan bastis of the country.
Recently, a new Government came into power and one of its main concern are to make India clean. And for the same objective, the Government has launched a scheme in the name of "Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”.The Clean India Mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2nd of October ,2014 with a aim to make India clean .The aim of this mission is to provide sanitation facilities to every family , including toilets ,solid and liquid waste disposal systems ,village cleanliness ,and safe and sufficient drinking water.. 
The Swatch Bharat Mission is a huge movement that if taken forward can bring about a massive change in the country’s outlook as well the citizen’s attitude. Reduction in waste, minimised littering and pollution will pave way for a healthier and productive state and mind.
This Mission does not expect you to stand with brooms on the road and clean it every day ,  it’s just that you as an individual have to take care of your surroundings and ensure that no waste is lying here and there and if is lying then take it and put it in the dustbin .



Please make the following changes.
  • great promoter of cleanliness
  • very much concerned
  • main concern is to
  • with an aim
  • state of mind
  • every day. It is just that as an individual you have to take 
  • and if it is lying then we ought to take it...

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You have written a instead of an aim
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An aim

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Perfect essay
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Its swachh bharat not swatch bharat
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