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So OK, here are the questions related to maths that I have difficulty in :-
1) Vidya's teacher says that you can't divide a number by zero as there is no sensible way to define it. Why she says so ? Explain using Associative property of multiplication.
2) Discuss briefly :
a) Can you divide an isosceles triangle and an equilateral triangle into 2 equal right angled triangles ?
b) What is the axis of symmetry of a 1) Right angled triangle,2) an isosceles triangle,3) An equilateral triangle.
c) Is it possible to have a right angled isosceles ?
3) What is π with respect to a circle ? Why does πappear in the formula for circumference and area of a circle ?
4) Why did the teacher agree when Wisden said,''Every fraction is a rational number, but not every rational number is a fraction ? Explain with examples.
5) a) In terms of maths, what are the facts you should know to calculate the probability of you getting full marks in the examination when one of your answer is wrong ?
b) Discuss the probability of India winning a match where 6 runs are required when the last ball of the match is to be bowled ?
c) Also discuss the probability of the batsmen hitting a six in the last ball of the match.
d) Vidya is standing in front of mirror. What is probability of her image in the mirror gets congruent to her?

Questions related to physics :
1) Richa'swallclock has a pendulum .
a) Can we assume the movement of the clock's pendulum is uniform? Why?
b) Discuss your observations about uniform and non-uniform oscillatory motion in daily life.
2) A scene in the movie 'Animals are beautiful people', shows how sunlight coming through a dewdrop burns the entire nest of weaver birds. How do you explain this scientifically?

Questions related to chemistry:
1) After the class acids and bases,Vidyamade greeting cards by applying turmeric paste on paper and used soap solution to write on it. She now wants to send an invisible message to someone. How can she do this with the help of chemistry? How can the person read the invisible message?
2) What is water cycle ? In your words, why should we include wastewater management to restructure the water cycle? How waste water can be managed?

Questions related to biology:
1) By nature, reproduction is the ultimate aim of any living organism. Is the statement correct? Critically analyze your observations with reproduction in plants.

Please hurry meritnation expert as the exam is on march 1st that is the coming sunday. Please hurry and thank you in advance.

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Kindly post you questions separately so that we can help you out.

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