dear sir/maam

i was attempting the test ofsubject verb agreementtopic. i wasted 3 of my attempts. in q.5. of this my first attempt i answered option c. it says option d. in my second attempt i answered option d it says option c . in my third attempt i answered option c again it says option d. i do not want to waste anymore of my attempts.

kindly look into the matter and let me know

Dear Student,

We checked the question that you mentioned about in the chapter test of 'subject-verb agreement'. The correct answer to it is option 'c' and the same is shown in the solutions.

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Mrs. Pearson says these words to Cyril, her son. She disapproves of doing anything that she would not like to the same way as his son doesn't like to do anything he doesn't like to do. So, she affirms, "I've joined the movement'.

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