Debate against the topic "Academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career" in about 120-150 words.

Dear Student,
Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • There is a common thinking that education is related to success.
  • But this is a myth and wrong understanding.
  • Success is not measured by the achievements in the field of education.
  • True education is having values and good virtues.
  • Academics should equip an individual to face the challenges in life.
  • Education is a sign of discretion and enlightenment.
  • Being educated is portrayed through the decisions an individual makes and the characteristics exhibited.
  • Therefore, education is synonymous to self development and empowerment.
  • When a person is educated, he is able to recognise his weaknesses and can work towards its betterment.
  • It empowers him to elevate himself as well as the life of others.
  • Therefore, academic excellence is not the only way to a successful career.

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