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 debate in favour of c riminals are wicked and deserve punishment

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When I am walking suddenly someone comes and asks me for money pointing a Gun at me, I say 'please I don't have any', that Idiut shoots me in the Leg and runs away. 

After 2 weeks in Hospital, I fear walking on the roads alone, actually I will never walk again on roads alone. 

This person is a Criminal! 'Criminal' is a person who commits some crime without thinking what consequences may be faced by one who is victim of a Crime.

Should a person like that be Spared? What is the punishment for causing so much suffering to me? Yes, My Friends I am talking for the motion 'Criminals are wicked and should be punished' 

A wrong done under any circumstances is a wrong. A poor person who wants to give food to his son will commit robbery or murder, If this poor man murders a young man just for money should he be left away? Who has given him right to harm others because he is in need? Would it not be better if a poor person just eat something from a Garbage can?

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