debate on are reality show good

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In the past ten years, there is a new trend of television shows, namely, the ‘reality shows’, or the shows that show reality about someone’s life, people’s actual behavior, or a talent competition that attracts people with huge prizes. There are lots of opinions in favour of such shows and also against them.

 Debate in favour of reality shows:

They allow young people to show their talents and this way sometimes very successful careers emerge for people. For example many playback singers in Indian cinema have been discovered on reality shows. Such shows also tell people how they should be to get success by taking them into the real lives of celebrities and successful people. Reality shows can also boost intelligence. Shows like ‘who will be a millionaire’ ask lots of general knowledge questions and for that one has to prepare well. Reality shows are also authentic, they are not scripted. Hence people get to see and hear reality. Finally these shows can help us become more empathetic when we see people with disabilities also achieving great things in life.

Debate against reality shows:

Many people think that reality shows are taking the young generations into a fantasy world that detaches them from reality and makes their ambitions unrealistic. These lead to disillusionment and depression, sometimes with serious consequences. Such shows also project a lifestyle that is not achievable by most people, and this leads to dejection, or it leads to crime when someone tries shortcut methods in life to become like a famous person who came on a reality show. The facts shared are not always correct, and many products that get endorsed on such shows are outside the buying capacity of middle class people. More than 90% of people who participate in talent reality shows never make it to background singing in Bollywood, or get a role in acting etc. They do not reach the modelling ramp, or get to write a book. This is contrary to the very reason with which they had joined the show in the first place.  Finally some reality shows screen behaviours or language usage which is derogatory and not acceptable, but which pits a negative impression on the young minds.


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