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debate on man is a bundle of emotions

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What he meant was that man is not a BUNDLE of emotions, he sure has emotions but is not a bundle of it. I f men where a bundle of emotions then you would definitely have had an earth full of losers. Just think of the great people. Albert Einstein was a school drop-out , if he had given up i.e. if he was a bundle of emotions, he would definitely not give us the theory of relativity and we wouldn't have remembered him centuries after his death. So I also think one must think twice before one says something silly. Man is not a bundle of emotions, if they were you wouldn't be on this website either. And about the war, you could think it the other way around too. Hitler didn't have any emotion, thats why he killed millions without any feeling. So men are not a bundle of emotions.

To say that Man is a bundle of emotions is to say that Man acts solely on his emotions and nothing else or that we are all embodiments of our emotions. For some people, yes this is true. It is only true to people who do not question themselves though. People who act instinctively act on their emotions, while intellectuals question themselves and make decisions according to virtue. Only narrow-minded robots who have accepted their reality as infallible are bundles of emotions. Men of virtue are bundles of logic.

Emotions are a mental state that arise spontaneously and is often accompanied by psychological changes; a feeling -joy, sorrow, hate and love (as per the dictionary meaning)

In the present era, man made products have been replaced by the machine made products. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, the equation between time, humans and product manufacturers has undergone a drastic change. Every businessman's endeavor is to produce more products, in less time and with minimum manufacturing costs. Therefore, to be a part of this rat race, human behavior has also mechanized which is, devoid of emotions and feelings. There is no place for emotions in this time- bound world. The managers who have a product target in mind, fail to empathize with their employees. Employees on the other hand, who are tired of their day's work, fail to empathize with their family's need for emotional fulfillment. Man has tend to become a rational being, devoid of emotions.

On the other hand, the tussle between the mind and heart of the man still continues. When it comes to taking some sensitive decisions, the decisions of the heart prevail the decisions of the mind. Every man who devotes several hours working for his family, bears a guilt of not devoting time to his family, in his heart. This is the proof of importance of emotions. We can suppress them but cannot get rid of them. The emotions are like a state of mind as they keep altering with the change in the social environment. They can be of various kinds: hate, love, jealousy, pride, guilt and so on. Many emotional disorders such as depression and clinical anxiety state this.

Hence, emotions are suppressible but, inseparable part of man's existence.

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