debate on should school promote coaching class both favour or against

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In the last decade, schools have been running coaching classes on their premises with the help of private coaching centers. These are offered as integrated learning modules, and schools claim they provide a within school hours and economical option for those aspiring to sit for entrance exams. However, there is a debate now whether schools should promote such classes or not.

Debate in favour of promoting coaching classes:

The schools argue that coaching classes on their premises are inexpensive as compared to those run independently outside. They also claim that they ensure that the coaching centers running these classes plan their curriculum to the highest standards. They are also conducted within school hours, with special provision made for adjusting other classes accordingly, so students do not need to spend time after school in taking coaching elsewhere. Schools also claim that the students who opt for such coaching increase their scores in math and sciences, do better at mentally challenging activities and increase their self-confidence.

Debate against promoting coaching classes:

Many people believe that promoting coaching classes commercializes the school, which then pays attention to earning money through such classes rather than ensuring highest quality of education in the basic subjects. Some also feel that such classes are inappropriate for the age groups that they cater to, and put undue stress on students. They also make a divide amongst children, with those taking the coaching being looked at a separate ‘elite’ class of students! Finally, there is no documentary evidence to support that fact that such students ultimately do better than those who do not take these coaching classes arranged by the schools.


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