Topic 'A single language must be used in the whole world'.
Give me points against the motion.

Dear Student,

Following are some points that will help you frame the debate against the motion:
  • Using a single language in the entire world is establishing uniformity in communication processes throughout the world which is going to disrupt extensively the present system.
  • The language used in a particular nation is symbolic of its rich culture and heritage that must be kept intact for the world to be anthropologically strong.
  • A single language might make things easier considering the global interactions but the efforts taken to change the entire system is close to infeasible. Moreover, choosing that single language will be debate in itself creating rifts between nations, that which were aimed to fill in the first place.
  • Adopting a new language for global communication wouldn't be taken very sportingly by the developed nations whose language is not that single language. Thus sucha decision will give rise to greater problems between nations instead of solving the existing.

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