Defference between sexual and asexual reproduction

Defference between sexual and asexual reproduction Bcproduction in Organisms 6/18 Question 6: Distinguish between asexual and sexual reproduction. Why is vegetative reproduction asexual reproduction? Solution: Sexual Re roduction l. It is resulted from the fusion of the male and female gametes. 2. It requires two (usually) diffe├Žnt imividuals. 3. Involves the formation 4. 6. Of reproductive offspring produced not identical to their parents. They do not exactly alike. 5. Causes genetic variation and leads to genetic diversity. animals Previous also considered as a type Of Asexual R roduction Does not involve the fusion of the male and the female gametes. It requires only one individual. Does not involve the formation Of reproductive organs. Offspring's are identical to their parents. Both genetically morphologically (c lones). Do not cause genetic variation and hence does not lead to any ge -c diversity. Algae and fungi asexually. Next

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you just write 2 difference and some importance of vegetative propagation.
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ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION :- i) only a single parent is required to produce an offspring.
                              ii)   the offspring that are produced are exact copies of their parents and doesn't have variations in them.
                               iii)    Lesser chances of survival of the offspring.
SEXUAL REPRODUCTION :- i) two parents of different sex are required to produce offspring
                              ii)   the offspring produced are not exact copies of their parents and have variations in them.
                                    ii) More chances of survival of offsprings as compared to asexual reproduction.
    a) characters of the parent plant are preserved.
  b)   it is a quick process so it requires lesser time interval.
 c)   it is a cheaper method of propagation.
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