defination of 1.Soil Erosion and 2.desertification.

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Soil erosion is the washing away of the topmost layer of the soil due to heavy rains or wind.

Desertification is the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert. It is usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land.

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i m a student of 12th std i m highly helpful for ur efforts , and i want to tell u that i studied a lot frm ur notes in 11th and 12th  .but can u tell the references for which we have to read the text book .(plzzz give the page numbers for those very minute important topics which have not been explained that well in the notes in these notes ,please take my comment in a constructive way and givre those important page numbers(all lessons) which we have to refer apart frm your lovely notes . eg. i saw a question for 2 marks 2008 boards - what is amino acylation ?? and explain its benefits !! and in the notes it is just given as - , amino acids are activated in the presence of ATP and are linked to their corresponding tRNA., for which the invigilators wont give 2 marks , so i would kindly request u to match ur notes with ncert text book and make changes accordingly , or just send me what else pages i need to refer in detail @

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what can we understand by biology

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i want to now about science

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