Define acid and base

Define acid and base —ed-Lowry concept the following species, identify the acids and bases Lou" concepL b OCE HNOY e CH*NHA c NH 18. Writetheconjugate acids of the following bases. c ocv e HCOi f HPO{- 19, bases ofthe following acids? a H2S b HCOOH f HN02 c HSOÅ g HCN according to the Bra d HS0i 20. Writetheequationforthe reaction of sulphuric acid and water, and identiö• acid, the base, the conjugate acid and the conjugate base. 21. acid-base pairs in the following reactions notation asacid (l) and base (l) NH-jag) a H2S(aq) + NH3(aq) + ornaq) b CN-(aq) + H20(l) HCN(aq) HC20G(aq) c H2C204(aq) + H20(1) d HCOö(aq) + OH-(aq) a What is meant by amphiproticsubstance? b Write an equation for the ofwaterthat unphiprotic. of the following are amphiprotic c H20

Acids are compounds which lose proton or accepts a pair of electron. in solution. 


1. HF

2. H2SO4 

3. HCN


5. NaH 

Bases are compounds which gain proton or lose a pair of electron. 

1. NH3

2. N2H4

3. NH2OH

4. RNH2

5. R2NH

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