Define dehydrate cross &described it

Dihybrid cross

Dihybrid cross is a cross of two individual differing in two different contrasting pair of character.

Eg:  crossing of Mendel with with green pod colour (GG) and yellow seed colour (YY), resulting in the formation of offspring which were heterozygous for green pod colour and yellow seeds (GgYy).


A dihybrid cross involves two alleles per trait for two traits, for a total of four alleles.

Gamete formation must occur for guinea pigs and other sexually reproducing organisms to reproduce. Thus, the first step to solving a dihybrid cross is to see how the various alleles (forms of the two traits) combine in the gametes. The principle of independent assortment explains this combining of alleles.

Independent assortment means that each allele of a particular trait has an equal chance of being in a gamete with each of the alleles of the other trait; that is, B has an equal chance of ending up with S or s during gamete formation. This is allele pairing—alleles for the different traits pair. Independent assortment occurs during meiosis.

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