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sagar.arora1 , asked a question
Subject: Botany , asked on 19/11/10

 define different types of placentation in plants?


Meetu_M , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 20/11/10

Dear Student,

Placentation is the arrangements of ovules within the ovary of the flowers.. Based on the arrangement pattern, the flowers are classifies as marginal, axile, parietal, free central and basal.

The different types of placentation found in plants are

  • Marginal placentation: The placenta forms a ridge along the ventral suture of the ovary and the ovules are borne on the ridge. Example: Peas
  • Axile placentation: The placenta is axial and the ovules are attached to the multilocular ovary. Example: China rose, lemon and orange. 
  • Parietal placentation: In this type of placentation, the ovules develop on the inner wall of the ovary. Ovary has a single chamber but appears to be double-chambered because of the formation of a false septum. Example: Mustard and argemone.
  • Free central placentation: The ovules are borne on the central axis. The septum is absent in this type of placentation. Example: Dianthus and primrose.
  • Basal placentation: In this type of placentation, the placenta is situated at the base of the ovary and a single ovule is attached to it. Example: Sunflower.

Hope this answers your question.


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v.s.k.e.m.b... , added an answer, on 12/11/11

another placenta is also found its apical placentation where the placenta is found at the top

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arunblc... , added an answer, on 17/10/11

thank you mdm.

Q. Classify the fruit crops based on the edible parts ?. with figure explain?.

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elink.bikram... , added an answer, on 20/10/11

what is the superficial placentation in plants?

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