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define evaporation. explain various factors effecting evaporation..? plz answer,,!!

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Evaporation is a surface phenomenon in which the particles at the surface gain enough energy to turn into vapour

The rate of evaporation increases with–
• An increase of surface area:
We know that evaporation is a surface phenomenon. If the surface area is increased,
the rate of evaporation increases. For example, while putting clothes for drying up
we spread them out.
• An increase of temperature:
With the increase of temperature, more number of particles get enough kinetic
energy to go into the vapour state.
• A decrease in humidity:
Humidity is the amount of water vapour present in air. The air around us cannot hold
more than a definite amount of water vapour at a given temperature. If the amount
of water in air is already high, the rate of evaporation decreases.
• An increase in wind speed:
It is a common observation that clothes dry faster on a windy day. With the increase
in wind speed, the particles of water vapour move away with the wind, decreasing
the amount of water vapour in the surrounding
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