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The radiations from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere but are unable to escape. This increases the temperature of the Earth. This is called the greenhouse effect. Gases that cause the greenhouse effect are responsible for increasing the temperature of the Earth and thus contributing to the phenomenon called global warming.

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   Effect of greenhouse refers to the warming up of the earth .  The earth is almost transparent to the incoming solar radiation . When solar radiation reaches the earth , it warms up the earth's surface . After warming up , the earth emits this energy back to atmosphere in the form of infrared radiation . when this infrared radiation travels through the atmosphere , some part of it gets absorbed by gases like carbon-dioxide , methane , nitrous oxide and water vapours . Absorption of this infrared energy by the earth or atmosphere is called greenhouse effect .

                                                  Amount of carbon-dioxide has increased by 28% in the last one hundred years which is attributed to burning of fossil fuels like coal , gas and oil . Efforts are being made at the world levelto reduce the gases that result in the greenhouse effect .

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   The heating of the earth is known as Global Warming. It's main cause is the pollution and the most is the air pollution. As we all know that vehicles emit co2 and other harmful gasses which goes up in the air. Then there it forms a layer. This layer consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon mono-oxide  etc and various other harmful gasses.  This layer of the gasses allow the heat of the sun to enter the earth's surface which makes it warm. Then it doesnot allows the  earth to escape which makes it more hotter.

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