Define Harmones and tell about them in detail.

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A hormone is a chemical messenger that regulates physiological processes in living organisms. It is secreted by a gland.

Characteristics of hormones:

  • Hormones act as chemical messengers.

  • They are secreted by living cells/tissues or organs called glands.

  • They are secreted in very small quantities by glands.

  • They act upon specific cells, tissues, or organs called the target sites.

  • They are generally slow in action but have long-lasting effects.

  • They either accelerate or inhibit a reaction.


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Hormones are the chemical substances produced and secreted by the endocrine glands i.e Pitutary gland secretes the growth hormone thyroid gland secretes thyroxin etc.
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all the glands in our body secretes hormones which are essential for our body. their lack will do several changes in our body
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