Define menstruation ,menstrual flow Menage and Menarche

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Menstruation: The ovary releases one egg every month. The uterus also prepares itself every month to receive a fertilized egg. The inner uterus lining (endometrium) becomes thick and is supplied with blood to nourish the embryo. If the egg is not fertilized, then the uterus lining is not required. Hence, it breaks down and is released in the form of blood and mucous through the vagina. This process lasts for 2-8 days. This cycle occurs every month and is known as menstruation. Hence, the menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle in the female body. It begins with the onset of puberty.

Menstrual flow menage: It is the release of unfertilized ovum along with the uterine tissues. 

Menarche is the first menstrual cycle, or first menstrual bleeding, in female humans. From both social and medical perspectives, it is often considered the central event of female puberty, as it signals the possibility of fertility.

Girls experience menarche at different ages. The timing of menarche is influenced by female biology, as well as genetic and environmental factors, especially nutritional factors. 



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When the egg is not fertilized then the egg, line of uterus and blood with tissues are expelled from females body .This is called menstruation and the first mestrual cycle of a female is called menarche
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Menstruation - the process in a woman of discharging blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until the menopause

Menarche - when menstruation starts

Menopause - when it stops
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