define one coulomb of charge?

Coulomb is the SI unit of electric charge which is equal to the amount of charge transported by a current of one ampere in one second.

It is denoted by C.

It is named after Charles- Augustin de Coulomb who discovered the Coulomb’s law.


1 Coulomb = 1 Ampere × 1 second.

So, C = As

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1 coloub is the charge contained in 6.25*1018 electrons.

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Coulombis theS.Iunit ofcharge.

Charge is denoted by the letter"Q"

Q = newhere is'n ' is the number of electeonsand'e ' is the charge of one electron


For 1 Coulomb,

n = 6.25 * 10^18(Electrons consitituting in a 1 Coulomb of charge)

e = 1.6 * 10^ -19(Charge of one electrons)


In statement ,coulomb is defined as

One coulumbis said to be when an object holds a charge of6.25 * 10^18electrons.

NOTE: I have used * as the mulsiplication symbo and ^ as power symbol(exponent)

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