define one ohm.

one ohm is defined as the resistance of an object when a current of one ampere flows through a an object with a potential difference of one volt.

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the resistance is said 2 b 1 ohm wen a current of 1 ampere is flowin through a circuit whose potential differeende is 1 volt.... hehehe i guess its r8...

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simply, an ohm is also defined as the unit of  resistance...........

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1 ohm= 1ampere/1 volt 

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One ohm is defined as that resistance of an object when a current of 1 ampere flows through an object having a voltage(potential difference) of 1 Volt. In Mathematical Expression,


=> 1ohm= 1volt/1ampere

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 here's one mistake-- do notice it-->

1ohm is not equal to 1 A by 1V

Infact it shud be 1ohm=1V/1A

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i 'm sorry i wrote it by mistake,

thanks for correcting me

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i.e; in any unit area for unit length the resistivity of material is unity then the resistance of material is 1 ohm...

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Resistance of a conductor is said to be 1 ohm if a potential difference of 1 volt across the ends of the conductor makes a current of 1 Ampere to flow through it.


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