Define possessive nouns?


the nouns which are used to indicate that something belongs to sombody or someone or the form of the noun to show ownership or possesion is known as possessive nouns. for eg. (Rama's) in- "This is Rama's umbrella."

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A possessive noun shows ownership (having or owning). Possessive nouns are formed by adding an apostrophe and "s" or only an apostrophe. Examples are John's car or the car belongs to John it is not Mark's. Mark is Johns' brother.

The possessive noun is also used to refer to restaurants, churches, shops and colleges combined with the job title or name of the owner. Examples are the doctor's, the dentist's, the grocer's orSt. Saviour's or Smith's

Common expressions such as Sunday's newspaper or thewater's edge also use this type of noun

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Possessive nouns are used to show possession (owning, or having). They are words that would normally be nouns, but are used as adjectives to modify a noun or pronoun. Possessive nouns tell you who or what the modified noun or pronoun belongs to.

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