• define present continuous tense .

- An ongoing or continued action is expressed by the present continuous tense.
An action which is in progress at the time of speaking is denoted by this tense.
- It is expressed using 'is/am/are+ -ing form of the verb'.
For example:
I am singing.
She is dancing.
They are painting.
- It can express a future event that has been planned. For example:
I am meeting my friends at the theater later.
- To describe a temporary event: It is raining right now.
- To express an event that keeps happening again and again: They are always arguing.

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theverbformused foractionsoreventsthat arehappeningordevelopingnow is know as Present Continuous Tense.

Grammar:Present continuous: formWe use am, are, is + the -ing form of the verb. We use the short form more often than the full form, especially when speaking.

For example :

1. I am working.

2. He is dancing with me.

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