define the following:-1.Kingdom2.Phylum3.Class4.Order5.Family6.Genus7.Species

(i) Kingdom
Kingdom is the highest taxonomic rank which  groups together all forms of life which share certain  fundamental characteristics in common.

(ii) Phylum
Phylum is the primary division of kingdom. It includes one or more related classes of animals. In plants, instead of phylum, the term ‘division’ is used.

(iii) Class
Class is a taxonomic group consisting of one or more related orders. For example, the class, Mammalia, includes many orders.

(iv) Family
Family is a taxonomic group containing one or more related genera. In plants, families are categorized on the basis of vegetative and reproductive features.

(v) Order
Order is a taxonomic group containing one or more families. For example, the order, carnivore, includes many families.

(vi) Genus
Genus is a taxonomic group including closely related species. For example, the genus, Solanum, includes many species such as nigrummelongenatuberosum,etc.

(vii) Species
Species is grouping of one or more natural population of morphologically similar interbreeding individuals which are genetically distinct and reproductively isolated from others.


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