define the following:- 

1) Landfill
2) Reuse
3) Recycle
4) Reduce

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1.A landfill is a  disposal site where solid waste  (paper, glass, etc)  is buried between layers of dirt and other materials in such a manner, so as to reduce contamination of the surrounding land. The land fills are now lined with the layers of plastic and absorbent material to prevent the leaking of pollutants into the soil and water.

2.Reuse refers to make in use of substances which can be refilled again instead of replacing them with new ones.
eg:-Deodrants , Chemical contains etc..

3.Recycle refers to conversion of the waste material in the useful material. For example, using empty plastic container to store various items or using waste newspaper to cover your notebooks are various forms in which we recycle some waste materials. 

4.Reduce refers to decreasing the production of the substances which are harmful to the environment.
eg:-CFC , Fumes etc..

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