Define the following terms-
1) photoperiod
2) hybridisation
3) gametrical modified crops

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Photoperiod :- Photoperiodism refers to the response of plants with respect to the duration of light (i.e., period of day and night). On the basis of its response to the duration of light, a plant is classified as a short-day plant, a long-day plant, or a day-neutral plant. Short-day plants flower when they are exposed to light for a period less than the critical day-length (for example: Chrysanthemum). Long-day plants flower when they are exposed to light for a period more than the critical day-length (for example: radish). When no marked correlation is observed between the duration of exposure to light and the flowering response, plants are termed as day-neutral plants (for example: tomato).

Hybridisation :- Hybridisation is the process by which two different varieties of plants or animals with desired characteristics are mated or crossed. The resultant plant or animal will have the characteristics of both the parent plants or animals.  

Genetically modified crops   :- The crops in which a gene from some other organism may be another plant or a microorganism is inserted into the plant to get desired characteristic such as disease resistance, response to fertilizers, product quality and high yields. For example:   Cotton, Maize, Papaya, Soybean  , etc.

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