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Bar Graph - A graph consisting of vertical or horizontal bars whose lengths are proportional to amounts or quantities .. it is also called Bar Chart 

Pictograph - Pictographs are made up of pictures which are used to represent numbers . they are used to compare data .

Mean - the mean is computed by adding all the numbers in the data together and by dividing by the number elements contained in the data set .it is also referred as arithmetic average 

Mode -   The mode or the mode score is a score or scores that occurred  most in the distribution 

Probability  - Probability is the measure of how likely something will occur .it is the ratio of desired outcomes to total outcomes .

Range - the range for a data set is the difference between the largest value and smallest value contained in the data set . 

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BAR  GRAPH  :- a bar graph is a chart that uses bar to show comparisons  between  categories of data . The bars can be horizontal or vertical.

PICTOGRAPH : a pictograph is a chart that uses pictures to show comparison or calculating of data.there are pictures changed for every data.and subject.
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