Definite mass of a gas at 1atm pressure and 298K is taken in a 5L vessel.
a) suggest one method for increasing the pressure of the gas.
b) what will be the pressure of the gas when it is transferred into another vessel of 20L capacity at the same temperature?

(a) Pressure of the gas can be increased by 
  • by increasing the temperature as pressure and temperature are directly proportional to each otherat constat volume
  • by decreasing the volume of the container, as pressure and volume are inversely related to each other at constant temperature
  • by increasing the no. of moles of gas added at constant temperature and volume.
b)The Ideal gas equation is 
Now, P=1 atm, V= 5L, T= 298 K, R= 0.0821 litre atm K-1mol-1
n= PV/RT
= (1 x 5)/ 0.0821 x 298=0.204 moles
When gas is transferred in another vessel, than
n= 0.204 moles, V= 20 L, T= 298K, R= 0.0821 litre atm K-1mol-1
so, P= nRT/V
       = (0.204 x 0.0821 x 298)/ 20
       = 0.25 atm

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