definitions of direct and indirect speech and examples

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 We may report the words of a speaker in two ways- We can either quote his actual words which would then be called direct speech.

For instance,

  • Ethan said, “I am very busy right now.”

  • Farhan asked, “Why didn 't you come?”

    We may also report what he said without quoting his exact words.

    For instance,

  • Ethan said that he was very busy then;

  • Farhan asked why I didn 't go.

While changing the voice, few rules need to be taken into consideration such as:

  • A simple present becomes a simple past;

  • A present continuous becomes a past continuous;

  • A present perfect becomes a past perfect

For instance,

  • She said, “I don 't want to go.” becomes She said that she didn 't want to go.

  • She said, “I am not going.” becomes She said that she wasn 't going.

  • She said, “I didn 't go.” becomes She said that she hadn 't gone.

Various rules to convert direct into reported speech are:

  • A simple present becomes a simple past;

  • A present continuous becomes a past continuous;

  • A present perfect becomes a past perfect.

  • The 'shall ' of the Future tense is changed into 'should '.

  • The 'will ' of the Future tense is changed into 'would ' or 'should '.

  • The pronouns of the Direct speech are changed wherever necessary, so that their relations with the reporter and his hearer, rather than with the original speaker, are indicated.

  • Words expressing nearness in time or place are generally changed into words expressing distance. For instance, now becomes then, ago becomes before, tomorrow becomes the nest day and last night becomes the night before.

  • The tenses may not change if the statement is still relevant or if it is a universal truth.

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Direct speech is when a person says anything to you or you see anybody talking and you tell that conversation to another person, that becomes the direct speech.

For example- She said to me , ''Sita is writing a letter.''

And when the person whom you have told this tells it to any other person then it becomes the indirect speech.

For example-She told me that , ''Sita was writing a letter.''

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Direct speech is speech inside quotation marks it is used to repeat the exact words that somebody said .
EX = My mother told me, " You have to work harder in school''.

Indirect speech  = while diract narration is okay for sharing story with friends, this is not the best way to report a conversation either in speech or in writing  indrect narration also known as reporated speech should be favoured in such case .
EX= My mother told me that i had to work harder in school. 
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The direct speech that a author tell to us diretely and the indirect speech the author says for a reporting speech and reproting verb
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Indirect speech is that which can be told as not directly on or to someone it has to be indirect
For ex: the plants have been watered by ramu
This tells us that we r not saying directly tht ge wateredthe plants we r
using Have been there so the words like have had has have been had been etc are related to undirect speech

Direct speech : it is expressed as directly to someone.
For ex: ramu is watering the plants
This tells us that the direct speech contains is , is being etc are the words used in direct speeches
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